Gecko Spa controls BUNDLE: IN.XE , IN.K450-3OP KEYPAD, CABLES – BDLXEK450

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Quick Overview

Spa pack: in.xe (0602-221063-299)
Keypad: in.k450-3OP (BDLK4503OP)
Cables: in.link cable kit (9920-101436)
Adaptor plate (9917-102123)



Gecko Spa Control Bundle with IN.XE and IN.K450 Keypad

This spa control bundle is considered the ideal system for entry-level spas.  It boasts of breakthrough and signature features and design.  It offers an impressive array of technical features with advanced solutions for most entry to mid-range spas with accessories.

The Gecko IN.XE spa bundle is compatible with single pump, single pump/blower hot tubs, dual pump, and dual pump/blower systems.

Features and Specifications of the Gecko IN.XE with K450 keypad

  • 240 volts
  • Heater: KW/120 volts – 4.0 KW/ 220 volts
  • Pump 1 – 2 speed (120/240 volts)
  • Pump 2 – 1 speed (120/240 volts)
  • Blower (120/240 volts)
  • Circ Pump (120/240 volts)
  • Ozone (120/240 volts)
  • Light (12 volts)
  • No pressure switch to adjust
  • Control box with heater and topside
  • 2 high current AC connectors
  • 3 low current AC connectors
  • 3 low voltage interface connections
  • Keypad IN.K450


If you use both the circulation pump and ozone, you need 9920-401369 which must be in the same voltage.  Further, pump 4 or blower can be installed only if pump 2 is single speed.

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