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Aeware controller for spa. in.yt supports 7 configurable outputs, a 4kW heater and a standard 12V light. Ideal for mid-range to high-end spas with up to 3 pumps, blower, circ. pump, ozonator(more configurations available, see documentation). Direct connection for Audio available. (the output voltage can be configured on the board). Works with keypads in.k200, in.k19, in.k35, in.k450, in.k600 static, in.k120 (auxiliary) and in.touch Wi-Fi module.



Gecko Spa Control IN.YT7 with advanced electronics and water resistance

From Gecko’s Aeware or Y series, this spa controller comes with topside panel (IN.K600).  It is 220 volts (60 Hz) and needs 4-wire service for 220 volts.  It can operate pump 1, pump 2, pump 3, up to pump 5 for ozone, circulation pump, and ozone.

The spa kit also includes a 4.0 KW heater, 11 button 10-ft cable, topside overlay, and light.

Features of the IN.YT7 Spa Controller from Gecko

  • Water tight protection
  • Kinetic heat monitoring
  • Smart water temperature algorithm
  • Automated software uploading
  • Dry fire protection

Installation, set-up, programming and wiring is required.  We recommend servicing by a licensed professional.


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