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Quick Overview

Spa pack: in.yt-7 (0611-221014)

Keypad: in.k600-5OP (BDLK6005OP)

Cables: 2 x dual spd AMP cable (95100519) & 2 x single spd AMP cable (95100517) & Light (9920-400489)



Gecko Spa Control with IN.YT7 and IN.K600 Keypad

This is Gecko’s top of the line spa control which easily powers larger sized spas. In.YT control systems offer simplicity and flexibility in terms of supporting even the most complicated array of spa add-ons.  It is a great choice for spa owners who want a system that is easy to understand but boasts of multi-application solutions.  You don’t have to worry about compatibility because it is certain that your spa configurations are all supported.

The IN.YT-7 supports configurable outputs, a standard 12 volt light, and a 4KW heater.  It is perfect for mid-range to high-end spas with up to 3 pumps, blower, ozonator, and circulation pump.

Features and Specifications of IN.YT7 with IN.K600

  • 7 configurable relays
  • 2 speed pump will use 2 relays
  • 1 speed pump, blower, and ozonator uses 1 relay each
  • Programmable keypad
  • Self-diagnositc and solid state water flow detection
  • Wi-Fi ready – In touch
  • 115/240 volts
  • Built-in heater probes
  • Heater wattage is 1.0KW/4.0 KW
  • Without topside


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