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Spa pack: in.yj-2 (0612-221012)
Heater: 4kW (0613-421001)
Keypad: in.k300-1OP (BDLK3001OP)
Cables: AMP 2SPD receptacle (9920-401345), QC to QC dual speed (95100251), Light (9920-400489) and white LED bulb (246AA0064)
k300 Adaptor plate (9917-10239)
2 x Mounting Bracket & screw kit (9920-101490)



Gecko Spa Bundle – IN.YJ2 with IN.K300 Keypad

This spa bundle is the trusted choice for smaller hot tubs with 1-2 speed pumps for the jets without a circulation pump.  It is reasonably priced and perfect for your hot tub which needs a new pack.  The compact YJ control series has advanced technology for your enhanced comfort and pleasure.

This spa replacement bundle already includes:

  • YJ2 spa pack which can run 1-2 speed 120 volts or 240 volt pumps up to 3HP
  • Heater (4 kw or 240 volts and 1 kw when on 120 volts)
  • 4 button topside control panel (IN.K300-10P)
  • Light and cables
  • Adaptor plate

It has additional level of protection against water filtration from its seal.  It also features watertight control box and connectors to prevent water from having direct contact with electrical components.

Further, the system has smart water temperature refresh algorithm that measures optimal time to start pumps and get water temperature readings.

It is available only as assembled by the manufacturer. If you want different components for your spa package, you need to explore other spa packs in our inventory.

This product is currently available at 25% discount from the regular price. For more savings, order your spa bundle today to enjoy free shipping wherever you are in Canada.


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