Gecko Hot tub Pump 05340009-5040 – Flo-Master XP2e Series – 170-260 GPM- Moteur 56 FR – XP2e, 56FR, R0, 4.0 OP.HP / 5.0HP, 230V, 2 VIT

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Quick Overview

2” inlet & discharge, compression fittings included, no cord
2 speeds
Motor 56 FR

Product: 05340009-5040
Brand: Gecko
HP: 4.0
Volts: 230
AMP (High): 15.0
AMP (Low): 3.9
OP.HP: 3.0
GPM: 170-260

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Ultra-efficient Gecko’s Flo-master XP2E for hot tubs with multiple jets

Gecko’s Flo-master XP2e pump is suitable for large spas with multiple jets that need stronger flow.  It falls in the same category as the XP2 pump but gives increased flow than the earlier version.  This means improved overall efficiency which reduces your energy costs.

It is available in 2.0” or 2.5” suction.  The discharge is 2.0”. Its wet end can also be rotated at 90 degrees.  It includes 2 pump unions with O- rings but not the cord. Ensure you remove the cord from your original pump.


  • Efficient impeller that moves water through the system for maximum performance
  • Higher volume volute
  • 2 inlets and outlets
  • 230 volts
  • 56” frame motor for higher reliability

Available at a discounted price, the Flo-Master XP2E is the ideal solution for maximum hot tub performance.  Benefit from energy savings and higher heating performance from the XP2E compared to other spa pumps.

The XP2E is also available in 3HP, 4HP, and 5HP models. Some applications of this spa pump make it possible to eliminate the diverter valve for higher level of usefulness and lower maintenance costs.

Enjoy more superior hydrotherapy massage and reduced operating costs with the Aqua-Flo new XP2E pump.