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Includes: in.k450 keypad (0607-005008), overlay (9916-101335)

7 buttons: On/Pump 1/Pump 2/Pump 3/Light/Up/Down

Dimensions: 7-1/4” x 3”

Cord length: 10′

Compatible with: in.xe, in.xm, in.xm2, Y Series systems


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Compact full-function keypads

Aeware’s new series of keypads features a large LCD display and slightly raised keys that let users control all spa system functions and programming directly from spa side.

Compact full-function keypads
for in.xm and in.xe spa systems

In.k450 comes with a customizable overlay in an easy to install waterproof plastic enclosure designed to maximize user experience.

In.k450 is a compact full-function keypad designed to be used with in.xm and in.xe spa systems.

With dual and three pump configurations, in.k450 offers flexibility to OEMs and complete control to spa users.

Easy to install, in.k450 comes with an in.link connector.


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