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Quick Overview

Includes: in.k200 keypad (0607-008001), overlay (9916-101030)

4 buttons: Pump 1/Pump 2/Light/Up,Down

Dimensions: 4-3/4” x 2”

Cord length: 10′

Compatible with: in.xe & Y Series systems



Gecko Spa Keypad IN.K200-20P is Intuitive and  Easy to Master

Gecko’s IN.K200-20P spa keypad is compact and intuitive, ideal for spa users who want simplicity and ease.  It is designed for use with the IN.XE Aeware system.  An entry level keypad, it is quite easy to install and is provided with an connector and 10-feet cable.

It is works in conjunction with smaller spas that have 1 or 2 pumps. It has a 3-digit and 7 segment display, 4 keys and 7 indicators for convenience.

This product includes the IN.K200 keypad with overlay.  It is totally compatible with the IN.XE series and Y series.

It is very popular because a user won’t need to study a manual to get familiar with it.  It is designed to be easy to master.

Its function light indicators tell users which equipment is running and the speed or if safety of self-cleaning programs are active. It has built-in timers for shutting off equipment after a certain time.

Quick Overview of IN.K200-20P Spa Keypad

  • Has 4 buttons for Pump 1, Pump 2, Light, and Up Down
  • With 10-ft cable
  • Dimensions of 4 ¾” x 2”
  • With connector
  • Compatible with IN.XE and Y spa series

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