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Limitation of Liability

While we do our utmost to avoid errors on the site, we are not responsible for any errors that could be found on the site. Product images are “as is” and “as available” and some products may differ. We reserve the right to make changes or modifications without prior notification.

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Subject to the right in force, Spa 911 disclaims any liability and gives no warranty. If Spa 911 is held responsible for any of these products, the liability will be limited to the price paid for by the customer.

Spa 911 is committed to do its best to satisfy customers.

Application price

The price applicable for each product ordered is as indicated on
We reserve the right to change prices without notice. The currency is Canadian dollar.

Product Availability

Spa 911 cannot guarantee the availability of all products at any given time. In case a product is out of stock, the following are the options that will be offered by email:

  • Continue the order and agree to receive it when the product in question becomes available.
  • Cancel the order partially or completely.

The company cannot be held liable for any ensuing damage caused by the unavailability of a product.

Acceptance of Order

The receipt of an automated order confirmation by email does not necessarily mean that Spa 911 will honor it. The confirmation only means we have received the intention to purchase. The company reserves the right to refuse any order. In addition, we reserve the right to limit the quantity of products ordered.

Delivery of Goods

Shipping is free and done within 48 hours across Canada. Additional fees apply for the following:

  • Northern British Columbia
  • Northern Quebec (Nunavik)
  • The Canadian Territories
  • Madeleine Island
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Oversized items will be delivered through another carrier. For more information, contact for more information.

Spa 911 disclaims any liability for unclaimed packages and costs related to returns and re-dispatch of products.

Return policy

Electronic cards, water heaters and spa covers are not refundable. For other products, returns are only accepted within 15 days from the shipping date.

Return product(s) by mail to:
4160, rue Jean
Québec QC, G1P 3C3

Please note that the customer has to pay for return delivery costs.  A transaction fee up to 20 % of the product price may also be charged. Contact us to know what this fee is for your product(s).

Spa 911 can refuse to refund a product if it is not returned in good condition.

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