Gecko Spa pump CMCP 02593001-2010 center discharge 230 volts : 48FR, R0, 1/15 OP.HP / 1/8HP, 60HZ, 1SPD

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Quick Overview

A 24-hour recirculation pump designed exclusively for portable spas

Input and Output 1.5 ”
1 speed

Product: 02593001-2010
Brand: Gecko
HP: 1/15
Volts: 230
MPA: 10.6
OP.HP: 1/15
High flow GPM: 35

Replace the following products: Allied Code 1-00-0203 02593447-2 02593657-2 02593001-2010 02593674-2000 02410991-2 Baja Spa 02593001-2010



Excellent 24-Hour Filtration with Gecko’s Circ-Master Spa Pump

Gecko’s Circ-Master pump has taken 24-hour filtration to a whole new level to achieve the highest GPM that can be delivered by any recirculation pump in the market.  Designed exclusively for portable spas, it operates standard low-flow heating system more reliably because of its unique features.

With a higher GPM, high-flow heating system is obtained for greater heating efficiency and as much as 4X filtration.  It has a 48-frame motor and a center discharge wet end.  It is available in 115v or 230v motors, as well as 50 and 60 cycle motors.  It is also available in center discharge and side discharge models.

A stronger GPM maintains strong water flow. With its Viton seal, you get extra protection from leaks.  It is likewise compatible with other branded controllers.

Amazing Features of the Circ-Master Spa Pump:

  • Permanently lubricated ball bearings for longer life
  • Quick release compressions for easy installation
  • Carbon graphite self-lubricating seal

When you are shopping for a hot tub pump replacement, you want to balance cost and performance. You successfully get both from the Gecko Circ-Master Spa Pump because it is lower in cost yet delivers excellent recirculation for a more satisfying spa experience.


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