Gecko Spa Pump CMHP 02093001-2010 side discharge 240 volts : 48FR, R0, 1/15 OP.HP / 1/8HP, 60HZ, 1SPD

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Quick Overview

A 24-hour recirculation pump designed exclusively for portable spas

Input and Output 1.5 ”
1 speed
48 FR Motor

Product: 02093001-2010
Brand: Gecko
HP: 1/15
Volts: 230
AMP: 0.6
OP.HP: 1/15
High flow GPM: 40

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Aqua-Flo Gecko Circ-Master Side Discharge Circulation Pump with High GPM

Aqua-Flo Gecko’s Circ-Master side discharge pump (product number 02093001-2010) delivers outstanding performance with higher GPM for increased heating efficiency and 4 times filtration.

For this side discharge model, the wet end is always off-set to one side.

This 48-frame spa pump also operates on low-flow heating system due to its continuous duty construction with rear and front and permanently lubricated ball bearings for motor longevity.

Available at very reasonable prices, this amazing spa pump can deliver the ultimate spa experience for a lower cost.


  • 1/8 horsepower motor
  • Quick release compression fittings for easy maintenance
  • 240 volts, 1.3 amps
  • Carbon-graphite self-lubricating seal
  • 1 ½” inlet and outlet
  • 1 1/2″ Intake and 1 1/2″ Discharge

This circulation pump is perfect for 24/7 circulation pump applications and provides savings from lower energy consumption. You can enjoy a most satisfying spa experience without the high costs of maintenance and operation.

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In case you have questions about this spa pump, please feel free to give us a call and our spa experts will be happy to help with your purchase.


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