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Quick Overview

Spa pack: in.ye-5 (0610-221020)

Keypad: in.k200-2OP (BDLK2002OP)

Cables: 1 x dual spd AMP cable (95100519) & 2 x single spd AMP cable (95100517) & Light (9920-400489)

Adaptor plate (9917-102053)


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Gecko Spa Control Bundle IN.YE-5 for Total Control of your Spa

This is the latest model from Gecko, a complete replacement spa pack with a topside control bundle. (IN.YE-5)

It comes with amp cords and the IN.K200 topside panel.

The Y-series from Gecko supports a keypad, a heater, a 12-volt AC light, and configurable relays. (5 or 7 based on model)

Features and Specifications

  • Keypad: IN.K200
  • Spa Pack: IN.YE5 (06010-221046-355)
  • 2 X dual speed, amp cables and 2 single speed amp cable and light
  • Adaptor plate
  • Built in heater probes
  • Programmable with keypad
  • Wi-Fi ready in touch module
  • 120V/240V convertible
  • Heater: 1.0kW/4.0kW
  • Pump 1: 1 or 2 Speed (120 or 240 volts)
  • Pump 2: 1 or 2 Speed (120 or 240 volts)
  • Blower/Pump3: 1 Speed (120 or 240 volts)
  • Circulation Pump (120 or 240 volts)
  • Light: 12 volts
  • Ozonator (120 or 240 volts)

This complete spa bundle has everything you need for a truly satisfying spa experience.  The IN.K200 compact entry-level keypad gives total control to your fingers. Its design is user-friendly so it is easy to master.

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