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Includes: in.k600 keypad with streamlined interface (0607-009014),
overlay (9916-101382)

11 buttons: Light/Pump 1 to 5/OK/+/-/Prog/Power

Dimensions: 8-¾” x 4-¼”

Cord length: 10′

Compatible with: in.xe, in.xm, in.xm2 & Y Series systems



series of full-function and multi-feature keypads

Aeware’s new series of in.k600 keypads offers spa manufacturers the widest range of possible configurations making our in.xm platform the perfect solution for mid-range to high-end and AV equipped spas and hot tubs.

Advanced series of full-function keypads
that gives complete control to wet fingers!

In.k600 keypads are offered in a low profile configuration, boast enhanced durability, superior resistance and optimal look and feel, uses full surface overlays and comes with an connector, brackets and adhesive. In.k600 can be customized with exclusive enclosure shapes.

In.k600 keypads are available in two different user interfaces. A menu-driven version with graphic LCD display and navigation keys lets users control all functions and programming of not only their spa system but also of peripheral accessories our in.tune cd player or our DJS-1 dynamic jet sequencer, creating a true and unique Aeware user experience. A streamlined version with segment LCD and dedicated function keys give full access to spa functions and programming. Both interfaces feature clear and crisp display, progress time bars and animated icons.

Never before has a keypad offered so many possibilities
right there on the edge of your spa!

Imagine everything you ever wanted a top side control to be and here you have it: our new in.k600! Take it in your hands, get the feel of it, press a key or two, look at the display and you’ll know you’re holding Aeware’s promises of really advanced technology, a complete new series of multi-function and multi-feature keypads for spas and hot tubs. Never before has keypad offered so many possibilities right here on the edge of your spa.

With maximized viewing area (2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ display), 4 levels of gray, contrast control, backlight with adjustable intensity, highly responsive rubber type backlit keys, true tactile feel with audible confirmation of pressed keys, sound alarm and a lot more, in.k600 really gives full control on all in.xm spa system functions and programming.

Our menu-driven version adds complete access to audio or video equipment like in.tune and control of added-value peripherals like Gecko’s DJS dynamic jet sequencer.


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