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Aeware controller for spa. in.ye supports 5 configurable outputs, a 4kW heater and a standard 12V light. Ideal for entry level to mid-range spas with pump 1 with 1 or 2 speeds, pump 2 with 1 or 2 speed, blower or circ. pump or ozonator. Direct connection for Audio available. (the output voltage can be configured on the board). Works with keypads in.k200, in.k19, in.k35, in.k450, in.k600 static, in.k120 (auxiliary) and in.touch Wi-Fi module.



Gecko Spa Control IN.YE5  for Fast and Easy installation

No matter what spa you have, this is your ideal spa controller. With Aeware controller for your spa, you get 5 configurable outputs, 4KW heater, and a standard 12V light.  It is recommended for entry level to mid-range spas. It has pump 1 with 1 – 2 speeds, pump 2 with 1 – 2 speeds, circulation pump, blower, or ozonator.  For audio, a direct connection is provided with output voltage configurable on the board.

Features and Specifications of the IN.YE5

  • Fast and easy installation with preloaded configuration
  • Compatible with In-touch Wi-Fi module
  • Solid state water flow detection
  • No pressure switch
  • Output voltage configurable to 120/240 volts
  • Supports keypad, heater, 12 volt AC light and 5-7 relays which varies on model
  • Waterproof design
  • Heater at 1.0KW (110 volts) or 4.0KW (240 volts)

This spa controller is advanced electronics. You deserve the best so this spa controller aims to give everything you’ll want from your spa.

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