Gecko PC Board 0201-300014

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Part No. : 1-GEC0201-300014

MFR No. : 0201-300014

Description : Kit – all MSPA-MP Propak; works with TSC-4, TSC-8 or TSC-47



Gecko Hot Tub Circuit Board 0201-300014 for MSPA systems

This Gecko circuit board replacement (MSPA-MP-GE1) is suitable for MSPA-MP Propak systems.  It includes a new circuit board, a mounting plate, wiring diagram, and instructions.  The high-limit sensor is soldered on the board.

Professional installation is recommended for installing this circuit board.

You may also consider changing the spa controller rather than the circuit board if it has been over 3 years in use.  A new circuit board alone may not address the problem so you could end up wasting your money.

The circuit board is the costliest component of a spa controller. The difference in cost will not be significantly more than just buying a circuit board and it can smarter and cost-effective.

This circuit board is available at a discounted price (11% off the regular price).
If you are not sure of the right spa replacement parts you need or you have questions about this product, get a quick answer from our customer service hotline.


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