Pump 56FR XP2e R0 4.0HP / 3.0 OP. HP 230 2.5″ INTAKE – 05334024-5040

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2.5″ intake & 2″ discharge, compression fittings inclued, no cord

Gecko 05334024-5040

Amps : 8.9A (Hi),  4.7A (Lo)

GPM : 170


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Gecko’s Flo-Master XP2e Spa Pumps for a Pampered Lifestyle

Aqua-Flo by Gecko’s Flo-Master XP2e (product number 05334024-5040) is tailored for large and heavily jetted spas that need increased flow. It fits the same envelope as the previous XP2 pump but provides improved efficiency and overall spa performance.
It has a fine-tuned impeller that moves water though the system to achieve maximum performance. It also has thermal protection for longer motor life.

This spa pump is energy-conscious but delivers high performance compared to other spa pumps. With greater flow at reduced energy consumption, you enjoy increased performance without the added costs.

It has a fine-tuned impeller that moves water through the system for maximum spa performance.

• Available in single and dual speed
• 56” frame motor
• Continuous duty horsepower 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0
• 230 motor voltage, 4-horsepower
• Side discharge system
• Additional strength from 56-frame motor
• 2 ½” suction
• 2.5″ Intake 2″ Discharge
• Center suction style

You are guaranteed a more satisfying spa session with this enduring offering from Gecko. Take advantage of our secure online payment system when you place your spa pump order. We ship within 48 hours throughout Canada and offer free tax on purchases within our promo period.


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