Circulation Pump – Laing/ITT – PN# 4-10-LA73348 – OE# LMB07102983, 230V, 1.5″ x 1.5″ buttress

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Part No. : 4-10-LA73348

OE# : LMB07102983

Volts : 230V

Description : 1.5″ x 1.5″ buttress


The SM-909 & SM-1212 series have been discontinued and replaced by the E10 series


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Laing Circulation Pumps (E14) for All Hot Tub Brands and Types

This Laing Circulation pump (product number 73348) is compatible with many hot tub and spa brands.  Also called the E14, it is truly efficient, using 40% less energy than most other spa pumps in the market.  The E14 circulation pump is also compact and lightweight and boasts of whisper quiet operations.

Because of its compact design and versatility, it is easy to install and maintain.  Its pump can be mounted vertically or horizontally with its motor end down.  The motor bracket is likewise adjustable at 4 different angles of discharge.

This spa pump was designed for water circulation and is sealed with O-ring design for ultimate protection.  Its software has a built in program to prevent dry run.

Laing E-14 Circulation Pump Features and Specifications

  • Voltage 230 volts, 110 watts
  • 36 gallons per minute (GPM) maximum capacity
  • 1 ½” buttress threads intake and discharge
  • 140 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature
  • Very quiet operation
  • Light at less than 4 lbs.
  • Has dry run protection
  • Has open impeller for clogging prevention
  • Has no mechanical seal
  • Has automatic overload protection

You can benefit from 150 watts of performance for only 108 watts of power with this unique spa pump.  It is 40% more efficient than other spa pumps which means more savings from your energy use.

It is available at 20% discount now so you can get it for a very reasonable price. And if you place your order today, you get even more savings from our free shipping and tax-free purchase within the promo period.


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