Balboa Spa kit – VS510SZ + Serial Standard Panel

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PN# : 1-BAL54218Z
FEATURES : P1-120/240V 2spd, P2-120/240V 1spd, Blower 120/240V, Ozonator 120/240V, Light 12V, 5.5KW heater

PN# : 1-BAL53189


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Balboa Spa Control VS510SZ with Serial Standard Panel

The Balboa Spa Controller (product number VS510SZ) can be configured.  This spa control is designed to be compatible with your current pump, ozone, and blower. This makes internal wiring unnecessary.

It operates on 220 volts (4-wire service required) and is provided with the patented M7 technology that makes it possible to position the heater on the suction or the discharge side of the pump.

Features and Specifications of the Balboa VS510SZ

  • 1 circuit pump, 2-speed, 11-/220 volts, 12 amps max
  • 2 circuit pump, 1-speed, 110/220 volts, 12 amps max
  • 3-circuit Pump or Blower, 110/220 volts, 1-speed, 10 amps max
  • Audio/video circuit, 110/220 volts, 24 amps max
  • Stainless steel heater housing
  • 110/220 volts Ozone circuit, 1 amp max
  • 5 KW, 240 volts, Flo-thru Incology heater (high flow)
  • 48” amp motor, blower and ozone cords
  • 12 volts 12 watt- light circuit with socket and a reflector suitable for most housing
  • Without a pressure switch
  • Protection for high limit
  • Anti-freeze
  • Topside cover plate
  • Topside overlay

This spa controller is an ideal replacement for the other control systems including 54371HC1, 58-138-2050, 9790-010, 3-70-0803, 3-70-0931HQ, and many more.

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