Balboa Spa kit – VS501Z + Lite Duplex Panel

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Quick Overview

PN# : 1-BAL54217Z
FEATURES : P1-120/240V 2spd, Blower 120/240V, Ozonator 120/240V, Light 12V, 5.5KW heater

PN# : 1-BAL51676


1075,21$ 752,47$

Balboa VS501Z Retrofit Kit to replace 1 or 2 pump systems

The Balboa VS501Z spa kit includes a control system with topside control, heater, 4-prong style equipment cords, light bulb, light wire, and light harness. The amp cords are plugged directly into the circuit board.

It is wired to 220 volts or 110 volts but it wired to 220 volts, the component circuits can be 220 volts or 110 volts.

It is ideal as a replacement unit for all 1 or 2 pump spa systems.


Many spas don’t have a small circ pump instead a main pump runs on low speed to heat and filter water during the filtration cycle.  If your spa has a small circulation pump, the flow rate must be at least 25 GPM. The pump must be similar to Waterway Iron Might or Aquaflo Circ-Master Pump and require 1.5” plumbing.  Smaller pumps like the Laing E10 circulation pump or Waterway Tiny Might are too small and are not compatible with this control system.

Features of the VS501Z Spa Kit

  • Main pump circuit (2-speed) 110 volts or 220 volts
  • Pump 2-blower circuit (single speed)- 110 or 220 volts
  • Ozonator circuit 110 or 220 volts (must match voltage of circulation pump). If you don’t have a small circulation pump, you can set the circuit to either voltage. You need to use an ozonator with the same voltage as your circulation pump.
  • Heater 5.5 KW on 220 volts / 1.4 KW on 110 volts
  • Light circuit 12 volts
  • Circulation pump circuit 110 or 220 volts
  • Topside control – 4-3/8″ X 1-5/8″


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