IN.THERM: 4.0KW HEATER 0603-409001

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Quick Overview

Intelligent remote heater for in.xm.
Can be replaced by the blue version.

Separated from pack, in.therm is an intelligent 4kw remote heater that integrates electronics directly in its power box. Its long list of features includes a built-in temperature probe and new water flow detection that eliminates the need of a pressure switch.



Gecko IN.XM Spa Heater 0603-409001

This intelligent 4kW remote heater has integrated electronics directly in the power box.  It has a built in temperature probe and a new water flow detection system that makes a pressure switch totally unnecessary.

Designed for durability, it has a unique enclosure and cover gasket which also eliminates the risk of water infiltration.  The electronic board compartment is protected against water flow vibrations because it is filled with epoxy.

In.therm spa heater is a class on its own because it has a solid state design that guarantees years of trouble-free use.  Its lifetime is extended because it commands multiple power levels on its single element and heat at highest capacity only when needed.

Unlike other spa heaters, this in.therm spa heater is designed to work exclusively with IN.XM spa systems.

Features of Gecko in.therm spa heater

  • No pressure switch
  • Built in temperature probe
  • With water flow detection system
  • Durable
  • Quick to install

You can continue to enjoy the highest level of enjoyment from your IN.XM spa with this spa heater replacement.

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