DEL Ozone CD Ozonators 8-10-DEL-ECS1RPOZM-U, Spa Eclipse, auto voltage, J&J mini

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Quick Overview

Spa Eclipse, auto voltage, J&J mini

Automatically detects the correct voltage!

The Spa Eclipse II is a high output CD ozone generator for 750+ gallons of water. Impressive 50-70 mg/hr ozone output… that’s more than the MCD50, for less money!



Auto-Voltage Sensing Del New Spa Eclipse Ozonator

This ozonator is the most advanced model from Del and uses the most modern technology for generating ozone. It produces more than 2x as much as previous models.  It generates 50-70 mg/ph to kill 99.9% of bacteria in spas and hot tubs.

It fits any hot tub or spa using ozone plumbing or Venturi system.

Quick Overview of the Spa Eclipse Ozonator

  • Made of 100% ozone resistant materials
  • Anti-water flow back
  • Ozone operating indicator
  • Auto-voltage sensing
  • Comes with all supplies for replacing your ozone unit
  • Length 125mm, width 85mm, height 60mm

The Del New Spa Eclipse Ozonator runs on 230 volts but is adaptable to other voltages because of auto voltage sensing.  It replaces ozonators with  crona discharge or UV bulb and is designed to be more durable than other models.

The Del New Spa Eclipse Ozonator is now available at a discounted price (24% off the regular price) so you can save on your purchase. We offer free shipping within 48 hours anywhere in Canada.


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