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Balboa Spa Controls

The Control Panel allows you to activate functions of your spa with one touch.  In case of problems, diagnostic messages will be displayed to help you troubleshoot issues.  In case the equipment is older than 8 years, it is better to replace the entire spa pack.  We ship Balboa spa parts to your doorstep for easy replacement.

Flow Switches

Hot tubs with a pressure switch get error messages such as FL or FLOW when there is a problem.  The switch may need replacement.  As a safety device, it is responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient water pressure in the heater manifold to prevent dry condition that could result in fire or explosion. You can order a replacement flow switch to fix the problem.

Gecko Spa Controls

Gecko Spa ControlsThis is the perfect control system for entry level spas and boasts of a signature design, and integrated heater (dual pump, blower, single pump or single pump and blower, with key accessories).  These are available at reasonable prices.

Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

This safety outlet is important for protection against electrical shock. It monitors electricity flowing in a circuit and senses any loss of current.

PC Boards

Modern hot tubs have circuit boards also known as spa packs. They are designed to control programming and function of hot tub pumps, ozone, blower, heater, etc.  When replacing the circuit board, you may replace the entire spa pack.  The part number will be indicated in the circuit board. Be sure to check if before purchase to buy the ideal replacement part that works well with your spa model.

Power Supply

The power supply ensures the continuous and trouble-free operation of hot tubs and spas.  It also has filter for noise-free operation and a 12-volt DC powered entertainment equipment and accessories.

Spa Pumps

Spa pumps are critical for maintaining clean and how water in the spa.  Since these provide circulation for the heater and spa filter and give the boost needed when spa jets are on, you won’t be happy when the pump is not working properly.

Some spas may have a circulation pump and a jet pump.  Check out our spa parts store for the right spa pump replacement for your spa.

Spa Heaters

Spa heater problems are usually caused by the spa heater element or the spa controller.  They can be replaced with a universal spa heater element which is more economical than replacing the whole spa controller.

Wi-Fi Interface Module

The interface module lets you control your spa from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.  By connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can get remote control of your spa.


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