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SC-CF-P12-O-CP-LS-H4.0-U-GE1 S Class #0202-205212

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Quick Overview

Controller for spa S-CLASS type with outputs: pump 1 with 2 speeds 240V, circulation pump 120V, ozonator 120V, (every output’s voltage can be reconfigured), heater 4kW, no connector, works with keypad TSC-9, TSC-18 or TSC-19


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Gecko Spa Control SC-CF-P12 for High performance and Function

From Gecko’s S-class comes this amazing spa controller with outstanding features.  It has pump 1 with 2 speeds (240 volts), ozonator (120 volts), circulation pump (120 volts).  Each output voltage is configurable. It has a 4KW heater, without connector, and compatible with TSC-9, TSC-19, and TSC-18 keypads.

This spa pack is easy to install and operate.  It definitely provides many features for high level of performance and functionality.  It is an ideal entry level pack for 120/240 volts and is compatible with a variety of topside control panels.

Features and Specifications of SC-CF-P12 Spa Controller from Gecko

  • 120/240 volts
  • Pump 1 (2 speed)
  • Pump 2 (1 speed)
  • Blower * optional (single intensity)
  • Circulation pump (optional)
  • Heater
  • Light
  • Ozonator
  • Auto time-out of outputs
  • LED display (3-digit)
  • Digital temperature display
  • Sensor failure detector
  • Programmable cycle filters
  • Hi-limit protection
  • Intelligent winter mode

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