Heater Elements & hardware 4-10-0707BBSC – 240V/4000w, 10in, Universal, off-set terminals

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Universal Heater Element 240 Volts, 4000W

If a spa heater stops working, the most common cause is the spa heater element of the spa controller (the heater is built into the controller). When you open the heater and see a broken or burnt spot on it, you may need a new heater element.  This is quite easy to repair by purchasing a universal spa heater element.

Hot tub heating elements are available in different voltage/watt combinations.

This heater element is 240 volts, 4000w, 10 inches and universal. It is easy to install and compatible with many spa models.

Our replacement heater element can get your spa working again as it should. With our unbeatable prices, you can save on your purchase on spa replacement parts. Take advantage of our free shipping anywhere in Canada.

Note: If your spa controller is old (7 years or more), it may be better to replace the spa controller which already includes the heater element/hardware.


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